About Us

At Red Box Container Conversions, we were inspired to start converting old shipping containers, when, Red Box Tools, (part of the Red Box Group) created a stand at Goodwood Festival of Speed, out of 4 40ft shipping containers. The transformation process was incredible, from old containers to a shiny new exhibition stand.

We aim to create the same outcomes for our customers, from a new office space to a café. Whatever it is you need we can help you to create it, and to make it as smooth as possible. We aim to deliver what you want and when you want, all based on your own designs.

Our team

Our team are here to help from concept to completion. We have an in-house team of engineers, fabricators and welders with a wide range of capabilities in design, manufacture, electrical fittings and metal fabrication. We work with carefully selected suppliers, plumbers and carpenters along the way too.

I need help with my design

Don’t worry, we have design systems and team members at Red Box Container Conversions who are here to help you every step of the way if you are struggling with your design or just need that extra bit of inspiration to take it to the next level.

As we are part of the Red Box group, our skilled team of engineers will be working on the project with you, each step of the way. From design through to the finishing touches.

Do shipping containers need maintenance?

Generally containers are low maintenance, they are built to withstand the elements for their main purpose of being shipped worldwide. Containers are made with steel, with corrugated walls on the top and bottom sides. Flooring is plywood as standard, however, when we convert your container, we will take the necessary steps in order to ensure that it maintains its hardiness inside and out.

How do you deliver the containers to us?

This is normally done with large lorries fitted with cranes. This is the best option, however, we fit every project to suit your needs best and will come up with a plan to ensure that the project goes smoothly according to your timescale and budget.

How and where should I store a container?

Containers are best stored on solid, level ground, with enough clearance to allow doors to be opened (unless they have been modified to use access points other than their original doors). They require support on just the four corners, for example concrete bases, flag stones or railway sleepers.

Will I need planning permission to store containers on my land?

They are considered to be temporary structures, however, if you plan on keeping one on your land permanently, you should consider neighbouring  homes and businesses, as well as seek assurances from the local planning office.


Get in touch with our team today by emailing the team sales@RBContainerConversions.com or calling 02380 254 285.