Shops and Galleries

Pop-up shops using converted shipping containers are becoming more and more popular, especially in cities. Containers are the perfect, cost-effective, place to have a start-up retail business. Shipping containers are versatile and can be styled however you wish. Containers can be used as multiple stacking units, allowing for a larger storage space. They can also be taken on the road. They can be converted to create additional space to your existing shop or to create extra storage space.

As well as retail shops, we can create galleries to display art, sculptures etc, whether this be a pop-up, permanent or mobile facility.

The process to create this space is simple and with our shipping container conversions team we have many capabilities in order to carry out the conversion. We will sit down with you and discuss the design. The team will draw up plans, liaising with you along the way. Plans to start work on the conversion will go ahead once these designs are confirmed.

We fit the basics such as flooring, cladding and painting. Then any fixed features, such as windows and doors are fitted. The exterior of the container can also be clad, painted or designed based around your brand image. This will all be discussed within the first design stages.

To discuss our shipping container conversions please call us on 02380 254 285 or email